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Plastic Pollution / Pencemaran Plastik


The presentations below have been prepared by our Instructor Halimi Abdullah for our Project AWARE ocean conservation events.Project AWARE Please feel free to download and use the presentations to spread the words on the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans. You can modify these presentations to suit your needs. We only ask that you kindly give credit to the author, Halimi Abdullah and Ocean Elements PADI Dive Centre, www.oceanelements.my. Thank you in advance!

Persembahan-persembahan berikut telah disediakan oleh Halimi Abdullah untuk digunakan semasa program Pemuliharaan Laut di bawah Project AWARE. Anda dialu-alukan untuk memuat-turun persembahan di bawah ini untuk kegunaan program-program yang serupa. Anda boleh mengubah format dan kandungan persembahan ini dengan syarat anda memberi kredit kepada Halimi Abdullah dan Ocean Elements PADI Dive Centre, www.oceanelements.my. Terima kasih!


  1. Plastic Pollution (format ppt, 7.4Mb)
  2. Plastic Pollution (format pdf, 8.0Mb)

Bahasa Melayu:

  1. Pencemaran Plastik (format ppt, 7.7Mb)
  2. Pencemaran Plastik (format pdf, 9.2Mb)

There are 2 movies which you can find on Youtube and show during your presentation - "The Majestic Plastic Bag" and "MIDWAY by Chris Jordan", to complement your presentation. Good luck!

In addition, you can download this really nice infographic from www.reusethisbag.com as a supplementary material (right-click and save the image):

The Truth About Plastic 

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