PADI Open Water Diver Touch


PADI Open Water Diver Touch

You can now start your PADI Open Water Diver course on your tablet (Apple iPad & Android-based) using PADI Open Water Diver Touch!

The Touch integrates the PADI Open Water Diver Manual with the PADI Open Water Diver Video into a powerful, tablet-based learning experience. When you dive in with the Touch, you’ll:

  • Learn diving facts, principles and safety concepts in preparation for your confined and open water dives.
  • Watch video clips that show you the world of scuba diving.
  • Take simple quizzes to make sure you understand the material as you progress.

Once you have downloaded the Touch onto your tablet, you don’t need to be online to use it so you can truly learn anytime, anywhere (you'll still need to get connected in order to answer the Knowledge Review questions, Quizzes and Final Exam though).

So how do you get started with the PADI Open Water Diver Touch?

  1. Install the PADI app on your tablet from Apple Store or Google Play. You'll be given free access to the introduction section of the Open Water Diver Touch so you can try it out before you purchase the full access from PADI.
  2. Apple Store Google Play

  3. Follow this link (, and register. Once you have successfully registered, you'll have created a username and password which will let you access Open Water Diver Touch, ScubaEarth and any other future PADI Touch products.

  4. Log-in and click on the link "Purchase a Touch course" to buy the access to Touch. Currently this costs Australian Dollar AUD 146.00.

  5. Now, go to the PADI app on your tablet and login using the same username and password combo you have created earlier. Within the app, you can then download the PADI Open Water Diver Touch product into your tablet, which is provided in two separate folios. The first folio includes the entire manual and the second folio includes the eRDPML (it's a dive planner app). The file size for the manual folio is approximately 1.4 GB and the eRDPML is approximately 40 MB.

  6. You can then complete the entire Knowledge Development portion of the PADI Open Water Diver course right on your tablet. Once you have successfully completed all four (4) quizzes and the Open Water Final Exam, you will receive an eRecord. Please print this eRecord and bring it with you when you meet us for the pool session or confined water session.

The good news is, even after your PADI Open Water Diver certification, you will still have unlimited access to the Touch product on your tablet so if you need to, in the future you can review the course materials and brush up on your diving knowledge!

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